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For those who may be new to using candles and melts, or just perhaps you're just curious about something in particular, we have compiled some answers here along with instructions, warnings, tips and how to recycle containers.

What is Soy Wax and why do you use it?

Soy Wax is a completely natural and renewable candle wax. It burns 'clean' unlike cheaper non vegetable waxes. Soy wax candles last for 25-50% longer than paraffin candles, making them more economical. It is water soluble; which means recycled jars can be reused. Soy wax is also biodegredable.

What is 'Scent Throw'?

When it's said that a candle scent "throws well", this means it fills the room with a strong, lasting scent. Soy wax releases fragrance naturally and for longer. Our candles also have a cleaner smell. This is because the wax is clean burning and the fragrance is coming from the melted wax pool rather than the wick only.

What is 'Frosting'?

White, chalky marks that appear on the top of the soy candle. May be affected by pour temperature and is a natural characteristic of soy. We find it is more obvious when you have the darker colours. It does not have any impact on the fragrance or burn time of the candle. Some long term soy candle customers like to see the frosting as this is a typical characteristic of a 100% soy wax candle!

What types of wicks do you use?

We use Wood Wicks in all of our container candles, which crackle as they burn. We recommend that you trim the wick each time before burning; gently break the top of the wick with your finger and remove any debris. Or you can use scissors or a wick trimmer. Allow the wax to melt to the edges of the vessel on the first burn. We use lead free cotton wicks in our tea light candles.

Why should I trim my wick?

Having too large a wick length for your candle means it will burn too quickly, with too large a flame. The wick should be kept at less than 0.5 cm. Do not leave wick debris in the wax when you trim. Trimming prevents your wick from curling back into the wax and prevents a "knob" forming on your wick.

How do I put my candle out?

Never put the candle out by placing the lid on the jar. Either use a candle dipper, dip the wick into the melted wax or pinch it out. Blowing the candle out is the easiest, but it will smoke for a while. This is the only time you'll see a soy candle "smoking". If any black soot remains clean the glass with a cloth.

Why isn't the whole of the candle melting?

This certainly isn't a problem you will find with our candles, but the cause of this is the use of a wick which is too small for the jar. An incorrect wick size can also cause the candle to constantly go out. This can also occur when burning a candle in a draughty area or outside without a hurricane glass holder.

Are tealights in plastic containers safe?

The plastic tea light cups we use are manufactured with 100% flame retardant polycarbonate plastic. Plastic tea light cups generally look nicer than metal cups, you can see the colour of the candle and they are more sturdy than the cheaper aluminium cups.

Do you sell unscented candles?

We do make unscented candles. These are great for customers who enjoy the ambience of a burning candles, but prefer to have them unscented.

How do you clean a used container?

The easiest way is to put the candle container in the freezer for a little while. This will cause the wax to shrink, so when you take the jar out you can carefully dig the wax out of the bottom with a butter knife. If there is any excess or glue you can wipe it out with eucayptus oil on a cotton pad. The other option is to pour hot water into the container until the wax floats then you can throw it away; you just need to be very cautious so the first method is safer.

Why do some candles look like they are not stuck on the glass evenly?

With some glass candle making containers, like a clear glass jar, the Soy wax has a tendency pull away from the glass. This is normal. There are different remedies; some people say warm the jars up before pouring, others say make them cold and pour in a colder environment. It may be caused by the difference in room and jar temperature.As these are hand-poured soy there will sometimes be imperfections like this so it's not really an issue. Sometimes jars that look perfect when made, but after being exposed to the fluctuations in temperature they may change in appearance. It doesn't effect how the candle burns.

What are the fragrances made of?

Each fragrance is a unique mixture. Some may be all natural oils, some may be all aroma compounds, and most will be a blending of the two, depending on the fragrance desired. Most companies have a similar range of fragrances, but each may have a proprietary blend which makes up that fragrance. If an essential oil is available, then that is our preferred option. We choose the materials based on what makes the fragrances smell like you want it to and how it will perform in our product. Essential oils can vary hugely in cost, odour, and quality. There is no common "base" for all the fragrances. Each scent is a different blend of ingredients. For best results, fragrances should be used in 6-18 months. Different fragrances will last longer than others. The fragrance will not necessarily getweaker, but will change in character or colour.


Why does soy wax crystallise?

This is also known as "blooming", sometimes as frosting. The whiteness caused by crystallisation is similar to what you get on chocolate over time. Sunlight and dramatic changes in temperature will accelerate the crystallisation which appears as white marks. It does not in any way affect the burning or the quality of the candle and really cannot be stopped completely..

Why does my candle have a large flame and smoking?

Never leave a candle burning if you think something is wrong with it. Blow it out immediately, and don't move it until the flame is out. Caution, if the flame is big, the jar may be hotter than normal. Your wick may be far too large or the candle may be in a draughty area where it is being fanned. Be careful where you position the candle. Keep it out of traffic areas or near airconditioners or open windows. too much oxygen will cause it to burn higher and faster that is wanted.

Can I use plastic tea light cups in my melt warmer?

Plastic tealight cups are made so that you can see the beautiful colored wax through the plastic. They are not to be used inside any enclosed holders such as tart warmers, tealite lamps, or tealite houses. The heat could build up and melt the plastic cup.

Can you refill my jar?

We encourage our customers to have their jars refilled for a number of reasons; it saves you money, sSome jars are quite expensive, so we prefer to recycle them. We love our customers to come back and we can customise the candle to your specifications. We will accept jars for refill if the jar are clean, intact and undamaged ie no chips, scratches or faults. Refilling a damaged jar may result in the jar breaking.


Our candles and melts are sent using Australia Post. Unfortunately we are not shipping internationally at this time. If you have any issues at all with your parcel, including breakages during transit, please let us know right away and we can replace or refund.


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