Crackling Wood Wicks

Wonderful Crackle

We simply adore the crackle of woodwick candles as they burn and fell in love with them many years ago. Since that time we have been sourcing and testing them in the hopes of producing a fabulous Australian made soy woodwick candle to match the very popular American counterpart.

Woodwick candles are increasing in popularity, not only due to the lovely crackle and fireside feel, but the fact that they have a slow, even burn and a slight wood burning scent to them (in fact some people prefer unscented if they really love the smell of an open fire).

In testing, we discovered that a double woodwick was necessary for a brighter flame and an even burn across the top of the container. All of our candles are trimmed to the correct length before we ship them out to you, so the only care you need to do is after your first burn.

A little more care is required than the traditional cottonwick candles but it is quite simple. Allow your candle to melt to the edges of the container during the first burn and ensure you trim the wick before burning each time (remove any debris). This can be done gently with fingers or wick trimmer. If you find your flame is too large, exntinguish the candle, allow to cool, trim, then light. If your candle blows out immediately when lighting, this is also a sign the wick is too long; simply trim as above. If you have any questions please contact us.

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We have been trading since 2007, initially in Berowra NSW, then moving in 2016 to the Northern Rivers of NSW.

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We use this increasingly popular wick in our candles; read why here.

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